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Funny 50 Shades

Don't take the hit series too seriously! Let's make Fifty Shades of Grey funny. After all, even E.L. James admits that the books aren't Shakespeare. The books were written for fun and that's exactly why they are so enjoyable to read. They hit all the right guilty pleasure nerves.

50 Shades of Gray Funny

Fifty Shades of Gray Pictures

It is probably obvious already that this website is a great source for funny Fifty Shades of Gray pictures and images. Check out our main 50 Shades Meme list for completely custom, original, hilarious Fifty Shades images. For example, we figured it'd be funny to see what'd happen if pop culture figures were cast as the lead role in the upcoming movies based on the novel trilogy. Some of the people and items we picked are obscure/wacky while others are in the news every day, but we got a chuckle out of them all and we hope you do to.

Humorous Shades of Grey Videos

YouTube and the other streaming movie websites are full of some pretty funny videos related to the the book, with more being uploaded every day. Here are a few I found especially hilarious:

Gilbert Gottfried Reads Fifty Shades of Grey

Ellen Reads from 50 Shades

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